FSU Future Skills

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Skills are vital to long term decent jobs, that's why we have opened a new fund for members to access and avail of. Members can participate in a wide range of courses, physical and online, paid for by the union as well as apply for funding for courses members identify themselves.

These include:


1. FSU Future Skills Courses

These courses will be rolled out over the coming months in a number of locations. Courses will include communication skills, personal development and leadership skills.

2. FSU Union Learn Project, Northern Ireland

We will build upon the highly successful project in Northern Ireland, through which 900 FSU learners have completed courses in areas including ICT skills and project management skills.

3. FSU Future Skills Bursaries

Open to all FSU members, we will offer bursaries of up to €1,000/£1,000 per annum towards the cost of career and professional development studies.

4. FSU Future Skills Online

We will assist FSU members with costs associated with undertaking online courses, for example by paying for the costs associated with certification. We will also offer courses of interest on our online learning platform www.unionlink.org.

Please click here to register your interest. You will then receive updates and information on courses, training and bursaries over time.

FSU is committed to campaigning for decent and secure employment for you and your colleagues. Please encourage any colleague who is not a member to join and get involved as members will have exclusive access to all of these valuable training and educational opportunities.

FSU Training for Activists and Reps

 FSU provides three levels of trade union representative training for both new reps and reps with extensive experience and skills. Please contact zara@fsunion.org for information on upcoming activist training.