FSU Courses

The Union offers a range of exciting training and development opportunities for members and representatives. The Union is conscious that in a changing workplace, members need opportunities to develop new skills. All of our courses are free of charge to FSU members, in some instances we also offer training places to friends and family of FSU members.

If you are interested in signing up for training, please contact  Zara Nealon by e-mail to zara@fsunion.org or by phone on  01-4755908 from the Republic of Ireland or 02890-200130 from Northern Ireland and Great Britain.


Courses for Members

Northern Ireland:

Union Learn Fund

Through the Union Learning Fund FSU members in Northern Ireland can avail of a range of high quality training courses in spring 2018.  Course fees are either fully subsidised or FSU members can avail of a generous scholarship.

Spring 2018 courses include ICT Essential Skills Course, Introduction to Project Management, CV & Interview Skills.  Through the Open University FSU members can undertake access modules in Arts and Languages, People, Work and Society and Science, Technology and Maths.

More information on spring 2018 training initiatives is available here.

Details of the Introduction to Project Management course is available here. 

You can download the application form for all these coures here


Future Learn

Future Learn courses are available online from leading universities and specialist providers.  These courses are made available through The Open University.  Online courses are 12 hours in duration and participants complete three hours per week over a four week period.  You have up to six weeks to complete the course of your choice.

More information is available here  If you are interested in any of these courses contact zara@fsunion.org 


Great Britain

Although our partnership with the Union Learning Fund is naturally confined to members in Northern Ireland, we are also actively pursuing ways to develop a union learning culture for our members in Great Britain.

Republic of Ireland

Member training
In recent years many Union members have acquired important skills in such diverse areas as communication, computer training, employment law, leadership, conflict management, mediation, career planning, personal development, industrial relations, health and safety.

Some of these courses were particularly invaluable for members whose job roles were changing or who were experiencing some uncertainty over job security.

Much of this training is possible through FSU's partnership with other unions and ICTU. 

Since upskilling is important for the job prospects of members in the immediate future - and with many employers cutting back on their training budgets, training networks should not only attract support from union members but also secure co-operation from most of their employers.

Performance Appraisal Training
This training course helps appraisees make the most of the performance appraisal process. Many employers neglect to train appraisees in performance appraisals. In order to address these shortcomings, the Union runs such courses from time to time on a sector-by-sector basis or place of employment basis.

CV & Interview Skills and Techniques
This course will assist anyone who is attending at a job/promotional interview. It covers techniques, skills and tips for the interview process as well as an opportunity to attend a mock interview for some practice. It is very suitable for those who have not attended at a job interview for some time and are nervous about so doing. As this course is particularly labour intensive (due to necessity for a panel of interviewers) it is helpful if members/reps can identify a minimum of 12 participants willing to attend in a particular region.

Courses for Activists in Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland

Basic and Advanced Union Representative Training Courses
New FSU representatives need a basic foundation knowledge in the various elements of their role and the workings of the Union. This is provided on the Basic/New Representative Training Course.

Experienced representatives can avail of opportunities on the Advanced Representative Training Course to develop the communication skills required in their role as well as an understanding of some of the other issues encountered by members. Many of the skills learnt by Representatives can be transferred to other aspects of their work.

All FSU representatives should attend a Union training course. The Union makes arrangements with the employer for leave for the rep to attend the training. Any rep who has been unable to attend a course so far should contact the Union.

Basic Course for New Reps - 1 day
The course is suitable for anyone new to the role or who has not previously attended a FSU training course.

Participants will gain the basic knowledge needed to take on this crucial role - as well as sources of further information to enhance their capacity.

Advanced course for Union Reps - 1 day
This is suitable for Union representatives who have already received some basic training.

Union Representative Skills Training - 3 day
This course is suitble for activists who who wish to gain a QQI accreditited qualification which recognises the considerable contribution they make in the workplace and assesses quality learning outcomes.

Training for Health and Safety Representatives
The issue of health and safety in the workplace is of major importance. Health and safety encompasses a number of different facets – including workplace stress as well as more obvious physical risks such as violence and fire. Some of these issues can also be quite technical.

FSU provides accredited training for Safety Representatives on all aspects of their role, in addition to refresher briefings and training.

The Union now has a group of well-trained Health and Safety Representatives in most employments. As this is a critical step in ensuring a healthy and safe workplace for our members, the Union is working with employers to develop this further. 

Equality Training
A comprehensive equality course has also developed with an accompanying manual. This is aimed at the Union's Equality Sub-committee and other FSU activists interested in equality issues. For futher information check the equality section of this website.