Think Security!

Sound Advice for Financial Services Workers



At Home

  • Identify callers before opening the door. If in doubt, don't open the door.
  • Use solid doors and good deadlocks.
  • Keep windows locked.
  • At night, close curtains before turning on lights.
  • Keep front boundary hedges and fences low to maximise your view.
  • Keep rear boundaries high to maximise your security and privacy.
  • Keep young children in sight or, if leaving them with someone else, ensure that the minder is aware of the risk of kidnapping.

Travelling to Work

  • Be alert, especially when leaving or entering your home or workplace.
  • Where at all possible, vary your routes and the times of your journeys.
  • Travel with company where possible.
  • Report any suspicious vehicles or people.
  • If you think you are being followed, contact police immediately and try to avoid becoming isolated
  • Be suspicious of anyone trying to get you to stop or to leave your vehicle.
  • If possible, keep windows closed and doors locked
  • When stopping, do not allow yourself to be "boxed in" - leave enough room to manoeuvre
  • When parking, do not leave anything in your vehicle that may identify your occupation or business.
  • Try to avoid parking anywhere that may become dark or isolated before your return.