Employment news in brief


Bank of Ireland

FSU has been advised that Bank of Ireland is commencing a ‘Modern Ways of Working’ pilot involving 1500 employees in the group.

The 16 week pilot will provide staff with options for more flexible ways of working.  The Bank has described the process as ‘test and learn’ to see if the changes deliver on the expected outcomes.

While many elements of the voluntary pilot will be welcome to members, your Union will be keeping a watching brief on the pilot and how it impacts our members.

We are asking members who are taking part in the pilot to please engage with your Union on any of the positive or negative implications of same.

Allied Irish Bank

There was a very positive response to the Union survey of members on Aspire – the performance management system used by AIB.

The results of the survey, and the invaluable individual comments made by members, will play a key role as the Union engages with AIB on a joint review of Aspire.

Among the key findings of the survey were:

  • Members need time during the working day to participate in the process;
  • Objectives need to be individualised and agreed not imposed;
  • Clarity needs to be brought to the role of both the reviewer and reviewee within process;
  • Re-training of reviewers and reviewees is required.

FSU members in AIB can access more detailed information on the survey results in the ‘Members Section’ of www.fsunion.org

Elsewhere in this update you can read about the positive impact on union recruitment that the current campaign in AIB is having. 

Ulster Bank ROI and NI

Ulster Bank recently informed staff of changes to the pay and reward structure in the bank.

Basically, the structure used by the bank had become cumbersome and confusing over recent years.  It needed simplification and FSU engaged with the bank on that basis.

While negotiations were complicated your Union had two guiding principles in the discussions:

  • No FSU member would be worse off as a result of changes
  • Strengthening members’ base pay was a priority

The changes recently proposed by the employer are important and need consideration.  The Ulster Bank Sector Committee established a helpline for members with queries or feedback when they were released and this was a very valuable exercise.

The proposed changes will be balloted on by FSU members in the coming weeks.

Danske Bank

Mid-year appraisals are currently underway.  If any members are experiencing difficulties or have any issue with their indicative rating then please contact your Sector Committee members.  It might also be a good time to check out the FSU general guide to performance management.  A detailed guide to performance management in Danske Bank is also available in the ‘Members Section’ of www.fsunion.org

The Bank’s ‘Hub & Spoke’ continues to be implemented across the region.  FSU are engaging with Danske Bank to ensure ‘cluster employees’ are not negatively impacted.  Talks are ongoing and we will keep members updated.

Also the roll out of ‘Personal Banker’ training has been largely completed.  Your Union is monitoring the impact on staff and staffing levels in branches.

International Currency Exchange (ICE)

FSU members in International Currency Exchange recently accepted a two-year pay deal concluded by the Union following lengthy negotiations.

The deal runs from June 2018 to June 2020 and members will see their pay rise by 5.25% over the duration of the agreement.


A one year pay deal has been concluded with Infosys and accepted by FSU members. 

Backdated to April 2018 the agreement will see lower graded staff receive between 2.5% and 4%.   Higher graded staff will receive between 2.2% and 3.75%.  The increases are related to the company’s performance metric.


A one year pay deal was recently concluded with Wipro and endorsed by FSU members.  The majority of members in the company will see pay increases of ranging from 2.3% to 3.26%.  The agreement has also been extended to some management grades.