Trade Union Bodies

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Irish Congress of Trade Unions - Northern Ireland Committee -

With 36 unions representing 215,478 members (including IBOA) affiliated in Northern Ireland, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions co-ordinates inter-union activity in the region through its Northern Ireland Committee (NIC).

Irish Congress of Trade Unions -

Congress is the largest civil society organisation on the island of Ireland, representing and campaigning on behalf of some 832,000 working people. There are currently 55 unions affiliated to Congress, north and south of the border. Congress seeks to achieve a just society - one which recognises the rights of all workers and citizens to enjoy the prosperity and fulfilment which leads to a good quality of life. Quality of life embraces not just material well-being, but freedom of choice to engage in the arts, culture and all aspects of civic life. This vision applies in the context of Ireland, Europe and the wider world and challenges the existing economic order.

Trades Union Congress - Britain -

With member unions representing over six and a half million working people, the British TUC campaigns for a fair deal at work and for social justice at home and abroad.