Kyndryl Pay Survey Headline Results

  • 54% are not aware of the range they are on.
  • Only 17% say pay ranges are transparent.
  • 100% want an inflation-proofed pay increase.
  • 74% believe this should be 5%.
  • 70% say pressure at work has increased.
  • 62% are working longer hours.
  • 48% regularly have to answer contacts outside of working hours.
  • 91% want the right to disconnect.
  • 71% have faced increased costs working from home.
  • 87% believe there should be a working from home allowance.
  • In a 0 (unfair) to 10 (fair) ranking on the fairness of pay increases they were scored 1.4.
  • In a 0 (not motivating) to 10 (motivating) ranking on the motivation of previous pay increases they were scored 1.9.


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