Has the re-opening of school impacted your work?

Have your say this Wednesday, 23rd September 12-6pm. FSU’s Advice Centre will be taking calls and listening to your concerns on the returning of schools and impact on your work. Your union is committed to supporting you during this time. Give us a call on our freephone numbers (ROI) 1800 819 191 (NI-GB) 0800 358 0071 or email us at advice@fsunion.org . 

During lockdown, FSU has been working closely with members to ensure parental challenges are supported in work. We have stressed to employers that members who can work from home, should be doing so. While also protecting essential staff working in branches across the island, serving their local communities while continuing to go above and beyond their roles.  

Members have been vocal in highlighting their specific circumstances, with childcare and home schooling being of primary concern. As such, flexibility must be taken into account by managers while also maintaining your right to disconnect. As a union, our priority continues to be the maintenance of full pay and the protection of staff during this time.  

The re-opening of schools has presented a number of challenges to working parents as almost every familiar routine has been drastically changed. Employers continue to work with FSU to address these challenges. We need your continuous feedback to adequately do so, which is why we want to hear from you.  

We are available by phone or email on Wednesday, 23rd September 12-6pm, at (ROI) 1800 819 191 (NI-GB) 0800 358 0071 or email us at advice@fsunion.org . 

Margaret and James, FSU Advice Centre Team.