AIB Pay Survey 2022

The FSU will be entering into negotiations with AIB management on increases to pay, which will become effective from April 2022.

In preparation for these important negotiations, we are asking members to identify and prioritise the areas they wish the Union to address on their behalf.

With this in mind we have put together a short survey for AIB workers to complete. This will help the negotiating team understand what concerns you have and what you wish us to deliver for you.

The AIB Sector Committee have highlighted the issue of the 35-hour working week as a priority. With this in mind we are asking if this is a priority for all workers at AIB.

The outcomes from our negotiations will be voted on by FSU members only. Joining the FSU means you have a voice and influence on the outcome.

To find out about becoming a member of the FSU contact a member of the local Sector Committee, details HERE, or you can email with ‘AIB Pay Negotiations’ in the subject line.

Alternatively you can go straight to: