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The UNI global union federation represents 15.5 million members in 900 unions from more than 140 countries world-wide. Created in 2000 as a result of the amalgamation of four international union bodies, the federation's founding partners were the Communications International, the International Federation of Commercial, Clerical, Professional and Technical Employees (FIET), the International Graphical Federation and the Media and Entertainment International.

Headquartered in Nyon, near Geneva in Switzerland, it covers a range of industries in twelve sectors: UNI Commerce; UNI Electricity; UNI Finance; UNI Graphical; UNI Hair & Beauty; UNI IBITS (white collar, professional and IT staff); UNI Media, Entertainment & Arts; UNI Postal; UNI Property Services; UNI Social Insurance & Private Health Care; UNI Telecommunications; UNI Tourism.

A new UNI-sponsored body, UNI World Athletes, was launched in December 2014 to create a common platform for professional athletes from sports including soccer, ice hockey, baseball, American football, basketball, rugby union, rugby league, cricket, netball, skiing, cycling and Australian football.

The FSU first affilated to FIET in 1983 and was an active member of its banking section in Europe. Since the creation of UNI, the FSU has been affiliated to UNI Finance. FSU General Secretary, Larry Broderick is a member of the Executive Committee of UNI Finance.

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